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Indiana Dog Bite Attorney

Know Your Rights Under Indiana's Premises Liability Laws

Animal attacks, including dog bites, can cause substantial and disfiguring injuries. Without regard to their breed or background, even good dogs can occasionally inflict serious injury to humans. Every year thousands of people are injured and seriously traumatized from the consequences of dog bites or other vicious animal attacks. If you or a loved one suffered a severe dog bite, you may have options to seek compensation under premises liability law.

Of times, there are insurance policies issued to the homeowners or renters whom own that dog that cover the damages inflicted by such acts. These injuries cause victims to incur medical expenses, time away from work, pain and suffering, and occasionally, disfigurement.

How can Crossen Kooi help?

Unfortunately, all too often the innocent and children are victims of these attacks. In such cases, our Indiana personal injury attorneys strive to seek compensation for both past expenses and past pain and suffering, but also for future anguish and medical treatment or disfigurement.

If necessary, we can help retain cosmetic surgeons to evaluate a victim’s condition, and establish the need for future corrective surgery to lessen the effects of scarring injuries. Even if the surgery does not occur for years down the road, an insurance company is required to compensate a child for future medical expenses that may be required to alleviate the appearance of permanent scarring.

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