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Indiana Negligence Laws

Indiana has its own laws and legislations regarding the filing of negligence suits, as is the case in many states. Negligence constitutes causing harm to another whom you have a duty of care for due to reckless or irresponsible actions. A local personal injury attorney can be invaluable when seeking to prove that your accident occurred due to another party’s negligent actions. This is the first step towards the compensation you deserve. 

Relevant Negligence Laws in Indiana

Indiana law states that legal negligence occurs when an individual owing a duty of care to another fails to meet that duty and is thus held liable for their actions. The state uses the four D’s to assess if a case meets the standards for negligence – duty, dereliction, damages, and direct cause. All four of these criteria must be met to establish a party’s actions were negligent. 

Indiana also takes contributory negligence into account when considering fault and compensation awards. This means if you’re found to be at fault for what occurred in any way, even if it was to a much lesser extent than the opposing party, then you may be deemed partly responsible for your injuries. You can contest any decisions regarding your own level of fault but will require evidence to prove you weren’t liable. Indiana uses the ‘51% fault’ system, which means you must be considered less than 51% at fault to file a negligence claim. 

Indiana requires you to file any negligence suit within two years of the accident, so keep this in mind when considering pursuing compensation. Seeking the aid of an attorney with experience handling negligence cases can help considerably, offering you guidance and support throughout the process. 

Seek Advice From a Lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana 

When you’re injured, unable to work, and the bills keep coming, you need representation you can count on. From investigating liability, gathering evidence, calculating the value of your losses, negotiating a settlement, to representing your interest in a courtroom, your lawyer will guide you through each step of the process. 

This is where the top-rated legal team from Kooi Law can make all the difference. We’ve successfully handled many claims, just like yours, and pride ourselves in helping members of our community find justice and the compensation they need to make a full recovery. Rest easy knowing a professional is handling your claim.

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