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How Do Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

The majority of car accident lawsuits will get settled outside of court, but if the negligent party refuses to pay full compensation for the damages you’ve endured, your Indianapolis car accident lawyer will represent you in trial and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your voice is heard.

At Kooi Law, our attorneys are familiar with the legal process both in and out of the courtroom. We’ll help you every step of the way with any questions or concerns that arise.

The Jury Selection

When your case goes to trial, a six-person jury will be chosen to decide the outcome of your case. Both lawyers and judges are allowed to ask the jurors questions during the selection process. This ensures each juror is unbiased and has no prior connections to the case at hand. Jurors must inform the court staff immediately if they realize they have personal knowledge about the case.

Once the jury is selected, the trial begins.

The Trial Process

The trial process consists of opening statements, presentation of evidence, closing arguments, and a verdict by the jury. While criminal trials can last months and sometimes years, car accident cases are usually resolved rather quickly. Here are the details of each stage in the trial process:

  • Opening Statements – Both the prosecution and the defense will give opening statements summarizing the arguments they’re about to make.
  • Presentation of Evidence – Evidence will be submitted on both sides, which includes witness testimonies, police reports, medical records, photographs, and video footage.
  • Closing Arguments – Once all arguments are made, both sides will be given one last opportunity to summarize their claim to the jury.
  • The Verdict – The jury will deliberate and come to a final verdict.

Your car accident attorney in Indianapolis will be your key resource throughout the trial process. They’ll represent you and speak on your behalf. You can trust them to know what’s best for you and work their hardest to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Reach Out to an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney

You shouldn’t be afraid of going to court when you have the right representation by your side. If the negligent party isn’t willing to pay you what you deserve, you shouldn’t settle. At Kooi Law, we won’t settle either. We’ll fight for you and make sure the jury hears your case.

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