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How to Calculate a Workers Comp Settlement in Indiana

When you’ve been injured on the job in Indiana, it’s important that you get the full workers comp benefits you deserve. Unfortunately, it can be tough to get the full worth of your injuries. Often, these work accidents are overwhelming, so you’re just looking for the benefits that will help you and your family stay out of debt.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to calculate a workers comp settlement in Indiana, you and your family could have some trouble taking action and getting your expenses covered. That’s why you’ll need to seek out a lawyer from Kooi Law first. When your recovery is on the line, reach out for the help you need with your Indiana workman’s comp claim.

Losses and Expenses after a Work Accident

When you’re injured in a major accident, one of your first concerns is likely the cost of that accident. You’re in the hospital already, and you might be there for some time. If you’re free to go, though, you may still have future surgeries, therapies, and treatments to help you deal with your accident or injury.

As such, you’ll first need to make sure that all necessary treatment has been covered by your workers comp settlement. This settlement should include all hospital bills and related treatment, as long as it should reasonably help you.

Once you’ve found this, however, you’ll still need help caring for your family, especially if you were the breadwinner for your household. So, what can you expect once your medical care is handled?

Your Future Impairment

Once you’ve found the immediate costs of your accident, you’ll need to find how severely the accident has harmed you and how long that impairment will last. Calculating this amount will determine the compensation you receive and how long you’ll receive those benefits.

For example, you might be completely unable to work. You should receive a percentage of your original wages, and those should cover you until you’re able to work again. If you’re unable to work, however, you’ll receive partial disability benefits.

When you return for light duty (if you can), you’ll receive your new compensation as well as benefits that make up some of the difference between your original and current wages. These benefits will continue for a certain period, based on the level of impairment you suffered. For example, you might receive several weeks for the loss of a finger, but the loss of your whole hand may give you further benefits.

Seek a Fair Work Comp Settlement

Unfortunately, calculating your settlement can feel complex. You’re injured, which drains your time and energy. On top of that, understanding your disability benefits is difficult if you’re not familiar with the process and how to calculate a workers comp settlement in Indiana.

That’s why you’ll need a lawyer from Kooi Law as soon as possible. Reach out for help ensuring you get the full settlement you deserve, starting with a free case review. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to us. Call 317-569-1335 or fill out the online form below.

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