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At Crossen Kooi, the greatest compliment we receive as attorneys is the referral of a potential client from one of our peers. We make several promises to your office.

We pay.

Our firm adheres to Indiana/Illinois ethical rules when entering into a co-counsel relationship. Upon representation of the client, you will be forwarded a copy of the executed fee agreement reflecting your involvement and the client's consent for the division of the fee. Immediately upon settlement of the case and receipt of the settlement check, your office will be forwarded your portion of the fee.

We track.

You can feel comfortable knowing that our office employs an impeccable system for tracking not only our own potential and current clients, but we also use great detail in tracking clients from our peers.

We communicate. We will communicate with your office immediately upon speaking with the potential client. Thereafter, we will make quarterly updates to your office, or more often as the need arises.

We are injury attorneys.

Helping victims who sustain serious injuries has been the primary focus of our careers. Many injury cases involve a work injury component and a third-party liability component. We can handle both cases for you jointly or one or the other. As members of the Bar of the State of Indiana, the Bar of the State of Illinois, and admissions to practice in all Federal Courts in both Illinois and Indiana, we are very familiar with how to prepare cases for trial in all of these jurisdictions. Rest assured that we are not distracted pursuing cases outside of our usual practice area. Additionally, if a referral from your office is in need of other legal services, we always direct the client back to your office.

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