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Settled a Car Accident Claim- $350,000.00

Crossen Kooi attorney Trevor Crossen settles a car accident claim for $350,000.00. Our client was a passenger in the vehicle that the driver lost control of. Driver claimed he was going 35 m.p.h. Crossen Kooi hired an accident reconstructionist which showed the vehicle traveling in excess of 80 m.p.h. Our client suffered a pelvic injury that required surgery. Our client was young and made a good recovery. In addition, our client incurred lost wages while recovering.

Settled a Trucking Accident Claim- $2,600,000.00

Crossen Kooi attorney Trevor Crossen settled a trucking accident claim for $2,600,000. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury and other orthopedic injuries. Our client was life-flighted to the hospital for immediate medical treatment. The driver of the truck rear-ended our client.

Car Accident Claim- $1,690,000.00

Crossen Kooi Attorney Trevor Crossen settled a car accident claim for $1,690,000. Our client has suffered life-altering injuries as a result of a commercial truck that crossed the center line after that driver blacked out at the wheel. Our client underwent several surgeries to the knee, shoulder, arms, and neck. The treatment continues to conceal scarring and manage pain that will forever affect our client.

Settled a Slip And Fall Case For- $650,000.00

Crossen Kooi settled a slip and fall case for $650,000.00 on behalf of a client who was a patron at a convenience store in Central Indiana. Crossen Kooi’s client sustained a low back injury and mild traumatic brain injury when he struck his head from falling and slipping on ice that accumulated in the parking lot. The case was litigated and settled out of court without proceeding to a trial.

Confidential Settlement For Underinsured Motorist Claim- $4,570,000.00

$4.57 million confidential settlement for underinsured motorist claim against a truck driver’s employer. The truck driver was operating a truck and was transporting materials near Tampa, Florida when he witnessed a motor vehicle accident and stopped to render help to the accident victims. During the course of the rescue efforts, another vehicle came along and struck the vehicle and seriously injured the truck driver. Suit was filed against the wrong doers employers underinsured motorist carrier. The underinsured motorist insurance company denied coverage. After years of litigation in federal court our client was acting like a “Good Samaritan” and therefore he was required to stop under Florida statute and render aid when he witnessed the initial collision. Therefore, coverage existed and underinsured motorists benefits applied.

Settlement For a Truck Driver- $1,000,000.00

$1.0 million settlement for a truck driver who was putting warning triangles out because he had a mechanical failure to his semi-tractor. A drunk driver with no insurance hit our client causing serious orthopedic injuries. The uninsured motorist carrier for our client’s employer argued that there was no coverage for our client. The case eventually settled out of court for the policy limits of $1 million.

Jury Verdict In Federal District Court In Dallas- $925,000.00

$925,000 jury verdict in Federal District Court in Dallas, Texas in a trucking accident in which our client suffered a mild traumatic brain injury with any loss of consciousness. The final offer by the defendant truck driver was $300,000. The trial was a 10 day jury trial.

Settling a Workers Compensation Claim- $589,000

$589,000 Attorney Trevor Crossen settled a case for an injured worker in Indiana who was operating his bakery truck in the scope of his employment. The worker sustained a knee injury and eventually was forced to undergo a knee replacement surgery. The worker’s compensation case settled for $39,000.00. Mr. Crossen also uncovered an underinsured motorist claim against the employer’s liability policy and settled that portion of the claim for $550,000.00. The insurance company argued that it elected lower limits for the underinsured motorist claim limiting their liability to $50,000.00, but Mr. Crossen argued that the limits were $1,000,000.00. Mr. Crossen has vast experience in handling underinsured and uninsured motor vehicle claims.

Passenger In Semi-Tractor Trailer Was Thrown Into Dashboard- $3,500,000.00

Passenger in semi-tractor trailer was thrown into dashboard causing severe orthopedic injuries. Case settled before trial for $3.5 Million.

Represented A Passenger In A Commercial Truck Accident- $3,750,000.00

We represented a passenger in a commercial truck that was rendered a quadriplegic following a single vehicle accident. The case settled pre-trial for $3.75 million.

Settled a Claim For an Individual Struck Head-On By a Commercial Vehicle- $1,950,000.00

Settled a claim for an individual struck head-on by a commercial vehicle. The client incurred approximately $250,000 in medical expenses. The case settled at mediation for $1.95 million.

Settled a Claim In 2006 Against an Indiana Hospital- $1,250,000.00

Settled a claim in 2006 against an Indiana Hospital that failed to diagnose and/or treat his client’s cervical cancer; thus, resulting in her demise. The claim settled for the statuary cap of $1.25 million.

Workers’ Compensation Settlement For Our Client- $200,000.00

$200,000 workers’ compensation settlement for our client whose leg was amputated in a forklift accident. The real success in this case is that our client wanted a medical procedure that was only done in a few places in the country and Wagner Reese prevailed in getting him this surgery. All other medical bills and disability payments were paid by the employer’s worker’s compensation carrier.