I was constantly updated on my case and am very happy with my settlement. Lindsey B.
Fights hard for clients and delivers great results. He's one of the best. Adam B.
They not only got me the settlement I needed but the settlement I deserved. David C.


$3,750,000 Represented A Passenger In A Commercial Truck Accident

We represented a passenger in a commercial truck that was rendered a quadriplegic following a single vehicle accident. The case settled pre-trial for $3.75 million.

$3,500,000 Passenger In Semi-Tractor Trailer Was Thrown Into Dashboard

Passenger in semi-tractor trailer was thrown into dashboard causing severe orthopedic injuries. Case settled before trial for $3.5 Million.

$2,900,000 Settled a claim against a National Occupation Health Carrier

Attorney Kooi obtained a jury verdict against an Occupational Health Carrier who refused to cover recommended treatment prescribed by his treating physicians.

$2,250,000 Jury Verdict in an Illinois Medical Malpractice Claim

In his first Jury Trial out of law school, Attorney Jeffrey Kooi successfully litigated a case in front of a jury of 6 who held a pathologist and his hospital liable for the death of a registered nurse whom’s cervical cancer was misdiagnosed.

$1,975,000 Jury Verdict in an auto accident against a Commercial Truck Driver

After two years of hotly contested litigation against the commercial insurer and their semi-tractor driver, Attorney Kooi obtained a jury verdict in central Illinois for $1,975,000.

$1,950,000 Settled a Claim For an Individual Struck Head-On By a Commercial Vehicle

Settled a claim for an individual struck head-on by a commercial vehicle. The client incurred approximately $250,000 in medical expenses. The case settled at mediation for $1.95 million.

$1,250,000 Settled a Claim In 2006 Against an Indiana Hospital

Settled a claim in 2006 against an Indiana Hospital that failed to diagnose and/or treat his client’s cervical cancer; thus, resulting in her demise. The claim settled for the statuary cap of $1.25 million.

$1,250,000 Settled a Medical Malpractice Case against an Indiana Emergency Room Physician

Attorney Jeffrey Kooi settled a medical malpractice case against an East-Central Indiana emergency room physician that failed to diagnose his client’s acute caudal equine syndrome resulting in severe and long-term neurological deficits. Three other attorneys turned the truck driver’s case, including one represented the driver on the case for over three years before dropping him. Attorney Kooi took on the case and successfully litigated it through settlement.

$1,000,000 Settlement For a Truck Driver

$1.0 million settlement for a truck driver who was putting warning triangles out because he had a mechanical failure to his semi-tractor. A drunk driver with no insurance hit our client causing serious orthopedic injuries. The uninsured motorist carrier for our client’s employer argued that there was no coverage for our client. The case eventually settled out of court for the policy limits of $1 million.

$650,000 Settled a Slip And Fall Case

Kooi settled a slip and fall case for $650,000.00 on behalf of a client who was a patron at a convenience store in Central Indiana. Kooi’s client sustained a low back injury and mild traumatic brain injury when he struck his head from falling and slipping on ice that accumulated in the parking lot. The case was litigated and settled out of court without proceeding to a trial.

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