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Carmel Truck Accident Lawyer

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Anyone who downplays or dismisses the damage an 18-wheeler or semi-truck can cause clearly hasn’t ever been in a truck accident. Through the various physical, psychological, and financial tolls they leave behind, truck collisions have the potential to alter lives for the worse—sometimes permanently.

Expecting an easy recovery may lead you to disappointment, but keep in mind that truck accident victims in Carmel may be eligible to receive compensation for their various injuries and losses through a successful personal injury claim.

For clearer direction on your road to financial recovery, contact a Carmel truck accident lawyer at Kooi Law today. We’re ready to discuss the unique details of your case.

Who Caused Your Carmel Truck Wreck?

Recovering damages in a commercial truck wreck is not as simple as identifying the driver who crashed into you, filing a claim, and kicking back and waiting for the check to come.

Many snags may present themselves, including the liability standard of modified comparative negligence, which is a legal tool used to help distribute fault among multiple parties in Indiana personal injury lawsuits.

By way of allowing accident victims to be held partly at fault, modified comparative negligence makes it possible for your compensation to be reduced on a basis proportional to your level of liability (e.g., being found 20 percent responsible for your own truck accident would decrease your damages by 20 percent).

To make matters worse, modified comparative negligence also bars accident victims found mostly (51 percent or more) at fault for their accident from receiving any compensation.

For the purposes of determining liability in a Carmel truck accident, some of the factors that may be examined include the following:

  • A Trucker’s Alertness – Whether you’re driving a towering truck or a small sedan, a lack of attention to the road should be considered a major red flag. Drowsiness may be a way of life in modern society, but that doesn’t make it OK to drive an 18-wheeler or semi-truck on inadequate sleep. In demonstrating a truck driver’s negligence, it may help to check whether he or she worked more hours than legally allowed.
  • A Trucker’s Level of Distraction – Distractions of any kind, whether the screen of a phone or a heated argument with a passenger, can lead to potentially catastrophic injuries. If you can prove that anyone behind the wheel had someone or something else on his or her mind, you have a chance of receiving full compensation.
  • Intoxication – Drug and alcohol use can impair drivers’ judgment, making them more susceptible to collisions. If you can prove that the truck driver involved in your Carmel accident was under the influence, you may have a nice shot at substantial compensation.
  • Unsecured Cargo – Truck cargo that has been improperly secured or loaded can lead to injury to any number of parties. If you have been hit by fallen cargo while driving, it may take some investigation to determine who exactly is to blame (e.g., a loader, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Poor Road Quality – Local government agencies, such as Indiana cities and counties, can also be deemed partly at fault in an 18-wheeler accident, should they improperly maintain their roads. Of course, you will carry the burden of proof in convincing a court that a road’s substandard condition played a role in your collision.

Note that many accidents have multiple causes, some of which may not be mentioned above. Your truck accident lawyer in Carmel can help you pinpoint the exact cause of your crash.

Injuries in Your Carmel Semi-Truck Crash Claim

Carmel truck accident victims should include both the injuries and losses they have suffered in their personal injury claim. Examples of injuries commonly associated with truck accidents include the following:

  • Spinal injuries, including paralysis
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Burns
  • Lost limbs
  • Organ damage and failure
  • Internal bleeding
  • Death

Fair Compensation for Your Damages

Losses, which are often much harder than injuries to clearly identify and document, can be thought of as any type of harm that is not purely physical in nature. Commonly identified losses include medical treatment costs, reduced earning potential and lost income, vehicle repairs or replacement, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and reduced quality of life, among others.

When documenting injuries and losses in your Carmel semi-truck crash claim, don’t forget to request compensation for future harm, along with that sustained in the past and present. You deserve full compensation for every hardship your truck crash has forced you to endure.

Additional Advice and Considerations

A simple yet important reminder in filing a personal injury claim is respecting your case’s statute of limitations, which starts on the date of your collision. According to Indiana’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases, you will be given two years to file a claim for damages, which is only extended under extraordinary circumstances.

Also to consider is whether you should personally speak with the trucking company’s insurer during the claims process, which we generally advise against. Because a random insurance company likely won’t have your best interests in mind, it’s often preferable to let a Carmel truck wreck lawyer deal with the insurers’ dishonest tactics.

Get in Touch with a Carmel 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a commercial trucking collision, it’s only natural to seek assistance from all those you hold dear, including friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Why shouldn’t you look for the same help from the attorney fighting your case?

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