Cell Phone Recorded Fatal Accident

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Cell Phone Recorded Fatal Accident

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 10-Feb-2014

A young woman captured a fiery crash on her cell phone in Tampa, Florida. The video shows a large SUV fly past her vehicle at a very high rate of speed. The next scene: a ball of fire erupts in the distance. The large SUV collided with another vehicle, and both vehicles exploded on impact. Four young adults were killed in the crash.

While this was a highly emotional event for the woman who captured the video, it is an example of what can be learned from video footage. As Indiana car accident attorneys, we spend countless resources gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses as it relates to a car crash. If you are a witness to an accident and especially if you have video footage, stick around and share your information with the police officers on the scene. If you are in an accident and able to capture videos or pictures of the damage or the scene, save the data as it could prove very helpful to you in the future. As always, call us if you need a car accident attorney. Our calls are answered 24/7.

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