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Fishers Personal Injury Lawyer

Reach out to a qualified Fishers injury lawyer for help as you take your first steps toward reclaiming control of your life.

With a serious injury comes a mountain of financial debts. From ever-increasing medical costs to everyday household expenses that need to be paid, recovering from an injury can be a challenge when you aren’t able to work because of your wounds.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Hold the person whose negligence caused your injuries accountable for his or her carelessness. A successful personal injury claim could secure the compensation you deserve. Get started by calling a Fishers personal injury lawyer at Kooi Law today.

The Accidents That Lead to Lawsuits

We routinely see several types of accidents involved in our clients’ cases. Nearly any kind of incident in which the carelessness of someone else is the source of the injury is, in theory, a valid reason to file a personal injury claim in Fishers.

Some of the more common accidents we deal with include auto collisions, motorcycle accidents, commercial truck crashes, medical malpractice claims, defective products, property hazard injuries, attacks by canines, and work accidents.

These accidents have two things in common. First, another party has been negligent in some way. The accident could have been prevented if it weren’t for the at-fault party’s behavior. That means he or she should be responsible for compensating you for the costs associated with your injuries.

The second commonality? The damages associated with each accident are relatively similar, as is the way we calculate the value of your claim. Moving forward with a lawsuit that can recoup your losses is a good way to ensure that your recovery is as painless as reasonably possible.

Compensating You for Your Losses

Our consideration of what your Fishers personal injury claim is worth depends on both the severity of your injuries and how they are expected to impact your life. Armed with the professional opinion of your physician, we will examine the effects of your injuries in their totality.

To start, we look at the economic damages associated with your injuries. Generally, these will include losses that are financial in nature, such as your lost income, damage to your future earning potential, and the full scope of your medical expenses. Medical costs in particular are crucial to include in your claim because even injuries that are less severe can lead to bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Next, we’ll examine your non-economic damages, or hardships that have nothing to do with your finances. These might be your pain and suffering, loss of companionship and love, loss of enjoyment of life, disfiguring injuries, or even your mental anguish. Although these losses are more difficult to place a monetary figure on, they can be as impactful as any financial difficulty tied to an injury.

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