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Greenwood Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle accident? Speak with an experienced Greenwood motorcycle crash lawyer who can help you hold the at-fault parties accountable for their negligence.

Being involved in a motorcycle collision can have serious consequences on your life. Not only will you have to deal with the physical effects of your injuries, but you’re also more than likely going to need to take time off of work to recuperate. If you don’t have the savings to support yourself and your family without a steady income, the thought of being out of work for a time can be terrifying.

Don’t let financial struggles get you down. Your Greenwood motorcycle accident lawyer at Kooi Law will obtain the evidence you need to support your case and quantify all of your damages to ensure that you get the most compensation possible out of your claim.

Insurers Look Out for Themselves

Many people are under the assumption that once you file your claim with the insurance company, you’ll be offered a settlement that will meet your needs. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, as insurance companies are notorious for denying even the most deserving claimants the compensation they are entitled to. That’s especially true for motorcycle wreck victims.

As for-profit companies, insurers lose money every time they settle a motorcycle accident claim. In order to look out for their bottom line, they will do whatever they can to minimize the amount that they are required to settle for.

If that means manipulating the statements you’ve given to them or making it appear as though you are a stereotypical “reckless biker” who has little regard for your own safety or that of other drivers, they won’t hesitate.

Your motorcycle accident attorney in Greenwood will never allow the insurance company to take advantage of you in your time of need. We will negotiate with the insurance adjusters on your behalf to make sure the insurance company doesn’t get away with making you a lowball offer or flat-out denying your claim.

Get Your Damages Covered

Those who caused your motorcycle crash should be responsible for covering the damages you’ve suffered.

Whether that means compensating you for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, damage to your potential future earnings, loss of companionship and love, motorcycle damage, permanent disfigurement, or loss of household services, the at-fault party needs to be held accountable for his or her actions and repay you in full and without delay.

Your motorcycle crash lawyer in Greenwood will be sure to include each and every loss you’ve suffered when calculating the value of your claim. That way, the damages you’ve already endured, as well as those expected to occur in the future, will all be accounted for.

Speak with a Greenwood Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are interested in discussing the details of your case with a qualified Greenwood motorcycle accident lawyer at Kooi Law, simply fill out the convenient contact form below or give our office a call at (317) 569-1335. Set up your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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