Illinois Lawmakers Pass Stricter Rules To Curtail Nursing Home Abuse and Injuries

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Illinois Lawmakers Pass Stricter Rules To Curtail Nursing Home Abuse and Injuries

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 21-Jun-2011

Recently, Illinois lawmakers passed new reforms to cutdown on Nursing Home Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect. The new legislation aims to protect children and adults with extreme developmental disabilities. It would apply only to nursing homes for people with developmental disabilities. Last year, lawmakers passed similar legislation for nursing homes for the elderly and people with mental disabilities.

As the Chicago Tribune details, the potential new laws would mandate nursing homes that care for developmentally disabled people report all fatalities to state regulators. The nursing home staff would also have to tell local coroners or medical examiners about any deaths. The proposed legislation would also include larger fines for poor care, and it would stop new admissions at nursing homes with many violations. Additionally, the reforms would tighten the use of psychotropic drugs.

While many lawmakers and those in the Nursing Home field applaud these potential safeguards, some people think the legislation does not go far enough. An advocate for Nursing Home residents says Illinois will need to hire more nursing home inspectors to make sure the new laws are being enforced. However, an official with the Illinois Department of Public Health says the new laws are enough to make the department more effective at protecting residents from Nursing Home Abuse and Injuries.

Of course, you can also take steps if you suspect a nursing home resident is suffering from abuse or neglect. TheIllinois Department on Aging suggests you call the Illinois Department of Health or the Nursing Home Hotline.

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