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When you’re injured on the job, you may feel confident you’re eligible for workers comp benefits. Your Indiana workers compensation coverage should kick in as soon as possible. But what if you fall ill because of your job? 

Some illnesses are covered by Indiana workers comp, but it can be difficult to determine when you’re eligible. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for Indiana workers comp, you may need to discuss what illnesses your benefits will cover. Reach out for help determining your eligibility and getting fairly compensated for the losses you’ve suffered at work.

Work-Related Cancers

In certain jobs, you could be exposed to dangerous substances. Asbestos, silica, and coal can all be inhaled, especially if you’re not wearing protective clothing. Worse, these materials can damage your lungs over time, causing dangerous lung diseases and cancers, such as mesothelioma. 

These conditions should be covered by your workers comp coverage. If you’ve been exposed to these materials through your job and you believe your illness was work-related, reach out to a workers comp lawyer in Indiana about your injuries. You may receive benefits for your losses while recovering from your injuries. 

Repetitive Motion Injuries 

Some health conditions occur because of repetitive motions that wear down parts of the body over time. This damage over time may lead to a sudden change in your ability to work. It may even take surgery or long-term treatment to cure the problem. 

For example, your job may have had you performing the same motion all the time, leading to a condition like carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition can cause chronic pain, numbness, and other problems that make it difficult to use the damaged body part. Luckily, your workers comp coverage may cover the costs of carpal tunnel treatment. 

When Is a Work-Related Illness Not Covered?

If you fall ill at work, you may be due compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. But not every illness you may have contracted on the job is covered by Indiana workers comp. For example, you may be ineligible for workers comp for illnesses you could have gotten anywhere else. 

Let’s say you’re a store clerk who caught the flu from a customer. You can catch the flu anywhere else. But let’s say you’re a doctor, and you contracted a disease after you were exposed by a patient or hazardous waste. In these cases, you may be due workers comp because you would have otherwise not been exposed to that illness. 

Seek Workers Comp for Your On-the-Job Illness

When you’re hurt in a serious work accident, it may be clear that you’re due workers comp. But you may be unsure what illnesses are covered by Indiana workers comp, especially if you’re denied compensation for your suffering. 

At Kooi Law, we understand that you’re hurt and suffering, and we’re here to help. Take advantage of a free consultation about your workers comp claim and your work-related illness. Call 317-569-1335 or fill out the online contact form below. 

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