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Indiana Premises Liability Lawyer

Understanding Indiana’s Premises Liability Laws

Property owners, including business owners and homeowners, have an obligation under law to make their premises safe for customers, visitors, patrons, and, in some cases, those who lease from them. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a hazardous condition on private or public property in the state of Indiana, you may be justified in pursuing rightful compensation through a premises liability claim against the responsible party.

Our Indiana premises liability attorneys at Kooi can go to work for you in investigating, preparing, and submitting your claim or lawsuit. Getting competent and committed legal help can make the difference between obtaining fair and full compensation for your losses and damages or being underpaid by the insurance company.

Property Owners’ Responsibility to Prevent Harm

Premises liability claims can stem from a wide variety of property dangers and hazards, such as those caused by ice, snow, leaks, potholes, broken sidewalks, broken floor tiles, other uneven floor surfaces, torn carpeting, broken or inadequate lighting, wet floors, and other hidden dangers, including dog bites. These adverse conditions can lead to serious and sometimes disabling injuries for unsuspecting individuals.

Property owners and managers are expected to remedy such hazards in a timely manner or to warn those who visit the premises that such hazards exist through properly placed signs or other means. If a property owner or manager fails to correct a known danger on his property, he may be held accountable for any injuries that result from negligence. This can even be true when trespassers are hurt, especially when they are children.

Hurt On Another’s Property? Contact Our Firm!

Our firm handles premises liability cases involving landlords and businesses that may be in violation of housing codes, local ordinances, or national safety standards which have led to serious injury for our clients or their guests. Early in the case, our Indiana premises liability attorneys focus on these legal issues to maximize your chances of recovery.

Kooi’s team has a proven track record in securing fair settlements or jury verdicts stemming from personal injury claims. Our legal work has been recognized by such industry sources as Super Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers Association. We can put our considerable experience, wealth of knowledge, and honed skills to use on your behalf to help you obtain past and future medical expenses, lost income or wages, and non-financial damages such as pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Put Kooi to work for you – we will do our best to hold the implicated property owner responsible for any negligence. Please contact us to schedule a FREE case consultation so that we can discuss and review your situation in greater detail today.

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