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American corporations spend thousands of dollars a year (which they hope to get returned through profits) designing, selling and manufacturing products, which we, as consumers, trust are reasonably fit for the purpose for which they were purchased and/or used. When a product fails to serve the purpose for which it was sold or represented for safe use, they can cause harm or injury.

A defective product can be any item that causes a person injury or harm as a result of a defective design, manufacturing or ineffective or false labeling. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 22,000 fatalities and in excess of 29 million injuries are associated with consumer products annually.

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In looking at these cases, Kooi’s Indiana product liability attorneys will work with skilled experts to determine the viability of a claim. Anyone injured as the result of a defective, poor design, ineffective or failed warning, or unreasonably dangerous product can file suit against the corporations involved in introducing the product into the market – including manufacturers, designers, distributors and the end selling retailers.

Those injured should act immediately to preserve evidence by keeping the product in a safe place and taking photos. Purchase information, receipts and instruction manuals or pamphlets are also helpful to establish the use and chain of custody.

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