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Deadly Workers Compensation injuries appear to be decreasing for Indiana workers. Indiana’s Department of Labor announced that in 2010, Indiana had the fewest Workplace Fatalities since 1991 with 115 workers dying while in the course and scope of employment. That was a drop of 8 from 2009. The United States government began keeping count of workplace deaths in 1991. Indianapolis Workers Compensation Lawyers can assist families who’ve had a loved one die while on the job. In many cases, families of a fatality injured worker are entitled to Work Comp benefits. Unfortunately, more than a hundred families find themselves in such a situation each year.

Indiana’s Department of Labor also examined the fields in which fatal Work Comp injuries occur. Data showed the industries with the highest death rates were agriculture and then construction and transportation and then manufacturing. The Department combined transportation and warehousing in its research. Additionally, when all fields of business were grouped together, the leading cause of workplace fatalities in Indiana was connected to transportation. 54 people died from transportation related injuries in 2010.

Other Workplace Deaths came from equipment, falls, violent instances, and fires and explosions. 19 employees died from some sort of contact with objects and equipment while 17 workers died from falling.

While the Indiana Department of Labor and many Hoosier employers strive to make the workplace safe, injuries do occur. And Indiana has specific laws and codes centered on Worker’s Compensation injuries. Experienced and honest Indianapolis Work Comp Lawyers are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Indiana Work Comp and can help injured workers and/or their families receive the care and compensation they deserve.

For instance, there are certain steps an injured worker should take as soon as possible to ensure the proper Workers Compensation. Even if a hurt worker doesn’t think his injury is serious or will require medical care, he should immediately tell his supervisor about it and ask them to complete a formal accident report. The worker should then receive a copy of this report. After a worker is hurt while on the job and does need medical care, that worker should adhere to all directions his medical care provider gives as well as directions from his employer. If a worker sustains an injury that will require him to miss more than 7 days of work, he should consult with an Indiana Work Comp Attorney to discuss what is known as “temporary total disability rights” or “TTD rights.”

The Indianapolis Work Comp Attorneys at Kooi can explain TTD rights as well as guide injured workers through the Workers’ Compensation process. If you or someone you love was hurt while on the job, contact the Indiana Work Comp Lawyers for a FREE consultation.

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