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Jackknifing is a type of truck accident where the vehicle (tractor) and its attached trailer get out of sync forming a V or L shape. This type of accident is called jackknifing because the shape the truck and trailer create resembles a jackknife.

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What Causes Jackknife Accidents?

A jackknife accident is usually the result of a loss of traction, which has to do with how well the wheels grip the road. If a truck driver slams on the brakes, it can have an adverse effect, causing them to lock and leaving the skidding wheel without enough traction to stop.

If either the tractor’s or the trailer’s wheels lock, the loss of traction can cause the rig to swing sideways out of control and into a jackknife forming an L or a V shape.

When a truck driver loses control of a large rig, the vehicle can jackknife, or it can fold into itself. If any passenger sized cars or trucks are in the path of a big rig in this deadly situation, they can be crushed in an instant.

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Truck accidents are more complicated than standard auto accidents because they have a number of players involved. When you are up against a large trucking company and their insurer, you need a skilled attorney fighting in your corner to level the playing field.

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