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Indiana Workers’ Comp Hearings & Appeals

Experienced Indiana Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

There are many circumstances that can place a workers’ compensation claim, or the ruling on a claim, in dispute. After an injured worker submits for a compensation filing, it is possible for the claim to be mishandled by their employer, their insurance carrier, or even medical professionals—all of which can directly contribute to an unfair determination.

Fortunately for the Indiana workforce, it is possible to appeal these decisions and request a hearing to further assess a compensation claim. If you believe that your claim was unfairly denied, then contact Kooi to speak to a skilled Indiana workers’ compensation lawyer today.

The Workers’ Compensation Hearing Process

Once an appeal request is received by the Workers’ Compensation Board, they will schedule a hearing. This scheduling usually takes some time, but allows the claimant to properly prepare to make their case. When the hearing comes, an administrative judge will review the claim, hear any testimony, and render a decision between 30 and 120 days. If the judge upholds the decision, there are still two other opportunities for a worker fight for a claim.

The progression of a claim appeal process includes:

  • A hearing before an administrative judge
  • A hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Board
  • A hearing before the state court of appeals

While judges have been known to occasionally waive the statutes of limitations on appeal filings, all injured Indiana workers should be sure to file for a hearing within two years of their injury.

Kooi is Ready to Stand With You

Whether you need help filing for your first hearing or are looking for an advocate to stand with you before the state court of appeals, our firm is ready to meet your needs. At Kooi, our Indiana workers’ compensation lawyers know how devastating it can be when the support that you need falls into question.

Rightful compensation for injury or illness you have incurred in the service of your employer is too important a matter to leave in the hands of others. Call us today to ensure that your rights are protected and your voice is heard.

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