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Indianapolis Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

A distracted driver can cause you devastating injury and losses. Get help filing your claim against a reckless driver when you contact an Indianapolis distracted driver crash attorney with Kooi Law.

Surely you already know how dangerous distracted driving can be. One of the leading causes of vehicle crashes in Indiana, distracted driving should not go unpunished. When drivers aren’t being responsible and taking driving seriously, they can be held accountable when they injure others because of their careless ways.

Filing an injury claim isn’t easy, but it’s worth it when you recover compensation for your injuries and damages. You may be dealing with medical expenses, missed wages, and pain and suffering following your crash. You don’t have to file a claim by yourself. Contact an Indianapolis distracted driving accident lawyer for help.

What Are Some Examples of Distracted Driving in Indianapolis?

Even though pretty much everyone knows that distracted driving is dangerous, some people continue to engage in this reckless behavior. Cell phone use is particularly dangerous, with texting known to lead to injury accidents. If it can be proven that the driver who injured you was driving distracted, you can file an injury claim.

The law in Indianapolis, Indiana, asserts that when someone hurts you because of their negligent behaviors, you are owed compensation for the bills and suffering you’ve endured. The only way to receive monetary compensation, and hold a reckless driver accountable, is to file a claim seeking damages.

Here are some examples of types of distracted driving:

  • Cell phone use (especially texting while driving)
  • Eating and drinking
  • Changing the radio station
  • Turning to look at other passengers in the vehicle
  • Putting on makeup while driving

When You’ve Been Hurt by an Indy Distracted Driver, You Can Seek Damages

It’ll be no surprise to you that auto wrecks are expensive. Even if your injuries are relatively minor, you still may be looking at medical expenses, missed work wages, and property damage costs. In some cases, accident victims may not be able to return to work for a long time, if at all.

The more serious your injuries are, the higher your expenses will climb. That means that if you’ve sustained brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, for example, you’re more likely to have higher expenses than if you’d walked away from the accident with a broken bone.

Regardless of how extensive your injuries are after a car wreck, you should not have to pay for any of your accident-related expenses when you didn’t cause the crash. See below for a look at damages you can request in an Indianapolis distracted driving crash claim:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Loss of work wages
  • Permanent injury
  • Disability payments
  • Mental trauma
  • Mental health services
  • Loss of life happiness

Get in Touch with an Indianapolis Distracted Driver Wreck Attorney

Being injured in a car accident is always a horrifying ordeal, but being injured in a preventable accident can make you especially angry. Holding reckless and distracted drivers accountable is one of the only ways to prevent them from injuring someone else. You deserve justice and full compensation for the expenses and anguish you’ve endured.

Get legal assistance with filing your claim paperwork by partnering with an Indianapolis distracted driving accident lawyer from Kooi Law. Our firm offers free claim assessments to those who call 317-569-1335 or fill out the case review form on this page.

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