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Insurance Claim Process for Indiana Car Accidents

When you’re hurt in an Indiana car accident, your insurance policy should be there to protect you. You pay every month for this coverage, so it should cover your damages following the accident. 

But you may have a few questions about how the insurance claim process works. You may even be unsure where to start, but your Indy car accident lawyer at Kooi Law can help. Below are some important parts of the insurance claim process you need to know before you work with the insurance company. 

Contacting the Insurance Company

Following a car accident, you need to notify the insurance company that an accident happened. Your insurance company and the at-fault party’s insurance company need to know about the car accident. 

But you still need to be careful about what you say to the insurance adjuster. Anything you say to the insurance agent may potentially be used in court against you, so make sure you say as little as possible without your lawyer involved. They can help ensure you say the right things, without taking any part of the blame for the crash. 

Investigation of Your Car Accident

Once the car accident has been reported, the insurance company will then investigate the crash. First, the adjuster will determine what caused the accident to happen and who was responsible for the injuries. After that, they’ll attempt to determine how severe your injuries are. 

Your injuries after a car accident can be severe and have long-lasting impacts. For example, a traumatic brian injury can leave lasting effects on your cognitive function for years. The insurance agent may perform interviews and review medical exams for your claim. 

Your Settlement Offer 

Once the insurance company has all this information, you’ll then receive a settlement offer for your claim. This settlement should cover all the costs of your damages, like vehicle repairs and your hospital bills. 

Insurance companies are still for-profit companies, which means these companies may put your profits over your health. If this happens, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to settle fairly, or if they refuse to settle at all, your lawyer can step in and help you get compensated. 

Get Help with Your Insurance Claim

Recovering after a car accident can be tough. You may have suffered severe injuries and trauma. Worse, the insurance company may be doing everything they can to avoid paying for your injuries. When this happens, you may be worried about recovering the costs of your damages. 

At Kooi Law, we understand the insurance claim process and have the experience you need for your claim. We can help you get compensated for your injuries, starting with a free consultation. When you’re ready to make an appointment with one of our attorneys, reach out by calling 317-569-1335 or by completing the online contact form at the bottom of the page. 

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