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What to Do When Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Indiana

Being involved in an accident is already confusing and overwhelming. You’re hurt, after all, and that’s a tough experience to suffer through. Unfortunately, it can get worse—you were hit by another driver, but they’ve just told you that they don’t have insurance.

When you’re in a crash, it’s tough to know what to do when hit by an uninsured driver in Indiana. It can be difficult to recover, but a lawyer from Kooi Law can help you through it. When you’re struggling with your claim, reach out for help getting the full settlement you deserve.

Seeking a Settlement from Your Insurance Company

When you’re injured and the other driver isn’t insured, you may be able to seek a settlement from your own insurer, despite Indiana’s fault laws. In most cases, the person at fault must cover the expenses for the accident.

However, you may also have uninsured motorist coverage. This insurance option covers you if you’re hit by an uninsured driver. That way, you have the peace of mind that you’re covered, no matter what.

If you have this insurance, getting your expenses covered should be easy on you. You’ll simply need to file a claim with your insurance company, who will calculate your car accident claim’s worth and offer you a settlement. While you may need a lawyer to ensure you get the full settlement you deserve, you should be able to get your settlement without trouble.

Taking Your Claim to Court

Unfortunately, if your insurance company isn’t willing to pay for your damages, you may need to take your IN car crash claim to court. If you have this coverage but they’re refusing to pay, you may need to recover compensation by filing a claim against them for acting in bad faith. A lawyer can help you build your case and fight back.

If you don’t have this coverage at all, you may still take the other driver to court, too. They’re still responsible for the accident, and you’re still suffering because of their carelessness. Unfortunately, these claims can be tough. If the other driver couldn’t afford auto insurance, it may be tough to get them to pay.

Even so, you deserve the appropriate compensation for your claim. By fighting back with the help of an attorney, you’ll have a chance to receive the full compensation you deserve for your losses.

Get Compensation from an Uninsured Driver

When you’ve been hit by another driver, you want to be able to take comfort in the fact that you’ll receive compensation for your suffering. Unfortunately, you might not have even that. Instead, you need to know what to do when hit by an uninsured driver in Indiana, which can be tough.

That’s why you’ll need a lawyer from Kooi Law. A crash is already overwhelming, but dealing with a lawsuit against an uninsured driver is even tougher. You’ll need help, so start by taking advantage of your free consultation.

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