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Indianapolis Child Injury Lawyer

Never allow anyone to bring harm to your child without facing the consequences. If someone has hurt your child, contact a child injury attorney who can help you obtain justice and compensation for your child.

One of your worst fears as a parent is finding your child hurt in any way. Although you may leave your child in “safe” locations, such as school, daycare, dentist offices, or even with a doctor, a small part of you still worries about their safety. Remember, it’s natural to worry about your child because your entire world revolves around them. 

However, what happens when your worst fears come true? What if you pick up your child from school one day, and they’re suffering from a sprained ankle or broken arm? If you’re like most parents, the sheer image of this causes you to feel anxious and even angry. 

Thankfully, you and your child can always contact an Indianapolis child injury lawyer who can help you file a claim against the responsible party. But before reaching out to an Indianapolis child injury attorney, you should understand the causes and damages associated with most child injuries. 

Common Causes of Indianapolis Child Injuries

When you leave your child in the care of a teacher, doctor, or anyone else responsible for their safety, you expect a level of professionalism and care. What this means is that the person in charge of your child’s safety should watch their every move as much as possible. 

Their responsibilities can include not letting your child climb on top of high places and stopping your child from playing in traffic. The list of potential dangers are endless, but someone in charge of your child should never be negligent when watching your child.

The person in charge of your child should also never take advantage of your child in any way. Actions such as physical, verbal, and sexual abuse are things that no one responsible for your child’s safety should ever commit against your child. 

Even doctors and dentists have the responsibility of ensuring that your child’s safety. What this means is that your child can seek compensation for any form of medical malpractice they may experience.

Recovering Damages in Your Child’s Indianapolis, Indiana, Injury Claim

When your child suffers harm of any kind, this can corrupt their innocence and cause them potential damages. For example, any form of abuse they may experience may severely impact their social skills and make them less trusting of others. 

If their physical injuries are severe enough, this can also disrupt their growth and cause other complications as they enter adolescence and adulthood. Never forget that their bodies are fragile, and any severe damage can have a significant impact on their growth. 

There’s also the matter of their medical bills, property damage, and emotional distress resulting from their injuries and overall experience. All of these aspects can impact their way of life in extremely negative ways. 

However, with the help of an Indianapolis child injury lawyer, your child can file an injury claim that can help them obtain compensation for their damages. 

Speak with an Indianapolis Child Injury Attorney

Nobody has the right to harm your child. Whether their actions were intentional or not, individuals who harm a child shouldn’t get away with their negligence. If someone’s actions hurt your child in Indianapolis, Kooi Law is here to help you and your child file an injury claim against them. 

If you’re interested in speaking with an Indianapolis child injury lawyer, call 317-569-1335 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page. 

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