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Indianapolis Medical Malpractice FAQ

The last thing you probably expected to happen when you went to your doctor for help was that you’d receive an injury instead. You trust your healthcare provider to take care of you and get you well. If your injury was the result of substandard medical treatment, you deserve recompense.

Filing a medical malpractice claim can get you the justice and compensation you deserve. You are probably overwhelmed with questions to ask an attorney, so we’ve gone ahead and answered a few common ones below. Feel free to reach out to Kooi Law at any time to get your free case assessment and additional answers.

What’s the time frame on filing a medical malpractice claim in Indiana?

The time frame, or statute of limitations, on filing a medical injury claim is two years in the state of Indiana. Should you fail to file your case within that mandated time frame, you will lose the opportunity to file an injury claim to recover your losses.

Who’s liable if my injury occurred at a medical facility?

Multiple parties could be liable for your injury, especially if it occurred at a hospital or other large medical facility. The hospital and the doctor who treated you could be liable, for instance. If the hospital staff caused your injury, they too could be held responsible.

What are some common medical malpractice case types?

Any occasion in which you were harmed because of the negligence of a medical provider can be grounds for a medical malpractice case in Indianapolis. Some common case types are failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, surgical errors or unnecessary surgery, improper medication or dosage prescriptions, and failure to read a patient’s medical chart.

What types of damages can I request in a malpractice case?

You could receive a settlement or be awarded payment for damages such as medical expenses, missed work wages, pain and suffering, mental trauma, caregiving services, transportation expenses, loss of life enjoyment, and permanent disability.

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