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What Are Punitive Damages in Indiana?

When you’ve suffered a major injury because someone else was negligent, you should receive compensation for your damages. You might even already understand the difference between economic and non-economic damages, as well as what to expect. However, you may still be asking one thing: What are punitive damages in Indiana?

After someone has badly injured you, you’ll need to fight back and get the full compensation you deserve. This may call for punitive damages, but those aren’t easy to fight for on your own. Instead, you’ll need to seek out these damages with help. A lawyer from Kooi Law can help you get the full compensation you deserve, including your punitive damages if they apply in your Indiana case.

Punitive Damages Are Meant to Punish

When you’re offered other damages, called compensatory damages, they’re meant to help you recover. You have high expenses and mental suffering that can take years to recover from. Punitive damages, however, serve a different purpose.

These damages aren’t meant to award you. Instead, they’re called for when the other person’s behavior was so bad that the judge believes they should be punished further. So, let’s say that you were intentionally assaulted by another person, who left you severely injured. You might receive punitive damages because they intentionally harmed you.

As such, these damages aren’t awarded for every personal injury. Instead, you’ll have to prove that the party was grossly negligent or meant to harm you in order to receive these damages.

Damage Caps and Your Indiana Injury Claim

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get punitive damages awarded in Indiana, even if you believe you deserve them. These damages are meant to punish, and as such, it takes further evidence to receive them.

For example, if you were attacked by another person, you’ll need to prove that they harmed you and that they were careless with your safety in order to receive compensation. To receive punitive damages, however, you’ll also need to show that they were intentionally or grossly negligent, which will take further evidence.

You’ll also need to remember that the amount you’ll receive for your suffering is limited. For punitive damages in Indiana, you’ll be limited to $50,000, or three times your compensatory damages, whichever is greater. That means you might feel like you deserve further compensation, but the law limits the amount you can receive. Fortunately, we can fight for the full settlement you deserve.

Fight for Punitive Damages

It’s painful to know that not only have you been seriously injured, but the person who injured you was more than careless. They may have even meant to cause you harm, leaving you in such a painful place. It can feel like your compensatory damages just don’t cover the suffering you’ve been put through.

That’s why you may need punitive damages as well. Unfortunately, these damages aren’t easy to seek. You’ll need a lawyer from Kooi Law on your side to take action when you’re asking what punitive damages are in Indiana.

If you believe you should receive punitive damages but aren’t sure where to start, reach out for a free consultation about your damages. Get started by reaching out to our attorneys as soon as possible by calling 317-569-1335 or filling out the online form below.

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