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What If the Insurer Claims My Injury Wasn’t Work-Related?

When you’re hurt on the job, recovering from your injuries may not be easy. You’re seriously injured, and that can take a lot of time and care, not to mention the right funds, to recover from. But your employer’s workers comp insurance company may have already denied you. The company may already be claiming that your injuries aren’t work-related.

When this happens, you may need a workers comp lawyer at Kooi Law to step in. Your lawyer can represent you in court, and they can help you recover compensation even if the insurance company doesn’t want to pay.

Proving Your Workers Comp Claim

When you’re hurt on the job and the insurance company claims you weren’t, you need evidence to back up your claim. That can be tough to gather when you’re hurt and inexperienced. Luckily, your lawyer knows what to look for following a serious accident.

For example, you may have eyewitnesses who saw your work accident happen. Your workers comp lawyer can gather statements from the people who witnessed the accident and use that in court for your claim.

Your lawyer may also work with your doctor to gather evidence of your injuries. You may need to undergo more tests, but the results may show that your injuries were connected to the accident.

When Is an Illness Work-Related?

You may have witnesses to a physical accident, but how do you prove a work-related illness? Proving these claims may be more complex because your illness may not have happened all at once. Constant stress, exposure to dangerous substances, and other health conditions may happen over time.

Fortunately, your lawyer has the tools to help. Let’s say you were exposed to substances that caused a deadly illness. Your lawyer can help you prove that you wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to those substances outside of your work.

Benefits for Indiana Workers

When you’re hurt on the job, proving you were injured is only the first step. You also need to prove that your injuries warrant the compensation you’re due. If you settle for less, it can be difficult or, in some cases, impossible to reopen your case.

Because of this, you need to know what your claim is worth before you ever go to court. Here are a few benefits injured Indianapolis workers and their families may be due:

  • Medical Expenses – You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your injuries. Your medical benefits should cover all current and ongoing care you need.
  • Wage Replacement – When you’re hurt, you may be unable to return to work for some time. These benefits cover your wages lost by the accident.
  • Death Benefits – If you lost a loved one in a work accident, you may have grounds for compensation. Your lawyer can help you get benefits like funeral and burial coverage, as well as wage replacement for life or until remarriage.

Connect with a Lawyer to Prove Your Injuries Are Work-Related

When you’re hurt on the job, getting compensated fairly is vital to your recovery. Unfortunately, your employer and their insurance company may have tried to claim you weren’t hurt on the job.

When this has happened, the lawyers at Kooi Law are here to step in on your behalf. If you’re struggling to get the compensation you’re due, reach out for a free consultation. Our workers comp lawyers can help you when you call 317-569-1335 or when you complete the online contact form below. 

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