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Who Is at Fault for a Dog Bite Injury?

When you’re hurt by an animal, it can lead to severe and complex injuries. It may take weeks or months to heal and return to normal life. In the meantime, your bills are still piling up. So who is at fault for a dog bite injury? 

Because you weren’t directly injured by another person, you may need help getting compensated for your losses. At Kooi Law, we have the resources you need to determine who’s financially liable for the injuries you suffered in the attack. 

Pet Owners

In many cases, pet owners are responsible for their dogs when their pets attack others. These bites can lead to broken bones, nerve damage, and dangerous infections, which can get expensive and have lasting emotional effects. 

Indiana also has a one-bite rule. That means the dog owner is responsible for the dog even if the dog doesn’t have a history of biting. Even if the dog has never growled at another person, you may still have grounds for a lawsuit for your injuries. 

What If the Pet Owner Is a Minor?

But not every dog owner is an adult. You were bitten by a dog whose owner is not yet eighteen. Because of this, the owner is unable to stand trial for the damage their dog did. 

Their parents are instead legally responsible for the dog attack. They’re liable for the actions of their child and their pet, which means you and your dog bite lawyer in Indianapolis would need to file a claim against the parents. 

Get Help Taking a Dog Attack Claim to Court

When you’re hurt by a dog, you may have suffered serious injuries because of the attack. Luckily, your lawyer at Kooi Law can help when you’re asking, “Who is at fault for a dog bite injury?” Reach out for a free consultation by calling 317-569-1335 or by contacting us through the online contact form below.

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