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Indianapolis Premises Liability Lawyer

Accidents can’t always be prevented, but being injured on someone else’s property because of a safety hazard is unacceptable. Call an Indianapolis premises liability attorney to secure the compensation you deserve.  

Premises liability accidents can easily result in broken bones, lacerations, damage to your back and spine, and brain injuries. These injuries could have been prevented if the property owner had exercised an appropriate level of care in maintaining the safety of his or her property. The property owner can and should be held accountable for your damages.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. You don’t need the burdens of ever-increasing medical bills and other household expenses that will continue to need to be paid even while you are unable to work. Contact a qualified Indianapolis premises liability lawyer at Kooi Law. You won’t have to deal with financial insecurity if your claim for compensation is successful.

Property Owner Culpability and the ‘Open and Obvious’ Rule

Falling or otherwise suffering an injury on a friend’s property or that of a business owner will nearly always result in the property owner being held liable for the losses you’ve endured. A good example could be slipping on ice in front of your favorite coffee shop due to the property owner’s failure to properly salt the pathway. Or maybe you were at a friend’s house and fell through a broken step.

The “open and obvious rule” is a statute that Indiana makes use of in relieving property owners of their culpability for your injuries if the hazard in question was both open and obvious—or if the property owner warned you of the risk and you chose to proceed anyway.

For instance, if you were in a restaurant and slipped on a spilled drink, but the restaurant made sure to place a “Wet Floor” sign next to the spill, the restaurant owner may not be considered responsible for causing your injuries because the hazard was made clear to you.

Of course, most property owners will argue that you should or could have predicted the hazard, but you know that isn’t always the case. Your premises liability lawyer in Indianapolis can help you prove your side of the story in court.

Recovering Compensation for Your Damages

The injuries victims sustain in premises liability accidents can be quite serious and require you to take time off of work to recover properly. In a successful claim, the property owner will be responsible for covering any and all expenses you incur as a result of your injuries.

The damages could apply to both your finances and your everyday life. Economic damages, such as the loss of wages, damage to future earnings, and medical expenses, are easily quantified. But non-economic damages, such as the loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering, will depend on the extent of the impact on your life.

If this sounds confusing, it’s because it is. But a premises liability attorney in Indianapolis can help you assign an appropriate value to your claim.

Call an Indianapolis Premises Liability Attorney

To learn more about how you can proceed with a personal injury claim to obtain the compensation you deserve, contact a knowledgeable Indianapolis premises liability lawyer with Kooi Law. If you fill out the contact form below or contact our office at (317) 569-1335, you can schedule your free consultation today.

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