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Indianapolis SUV Accident Lawyer

When your SUV rolls over or is hit by another vehicle, the results can be especially dangerous. Get help recovering with help from an Indianapolis lawyer, and get the compensation you deserve.

When you look for a car, you might have had a lot of reasons to pick a sport utility vehicle (SUV). There’s plenty of room and new safety features, and the size of the car may make it feel even safer to drive. Unfortunately, SUVs can also be dangerous, which you might have already experienced.

When another person causes your vehicle accident in Indy, an SUV can leave you with major injuries, and you’ll need help recovering from those. If you’re struggling to get your compensation, though, you’ll need an Indianapolis SUV accident lawyer from Kooi Law. We’ll help you work to get the settlement you deserve after your crash.

What Makes SUV Accidents Dangerous?

When you’re in a car accident, the type of car will matter, especially in cases involving SUVs. Because SUVs are so top-heavy, it means that your chances of a rollover accident are more likely. These wrecks can crush the top of your car, causing severe trauma to the head, neck, and brain.

As such, you could suffer life-threatening injuries because someone wasn’t careful with your safety. For example, another driver might have been changing lanes without a signal and hit you, causing your car to flip. Indirect accident causes like defective parts, poor road design, and potholes can all also lead to accidents, too. That means you might have suffered one of the following severe injuries:

Getting Compensation for Your Indianapolis Crash

You know you’ve suffered a serious injury, but what sort of compensation should you receive for your suffering? Unfortunately, while certain damages might not be so difficult to calculate, others may be difficult to find. So, you’ll need help finding the true worth of your Indianapolis injury claim.

First, you’ll need to find the worth of your economic damages. These damages should cover the financial losses you’ve suffered, like medical costs, lost income during your recovery, and property damage. Fortunately, these shouldn’t be too difficult to gather. You’ll need to add up your expenses, and your lawyer can help you estimate the costs of your future expenses.

Unfortunately, your non-economic damages might not be so easy to calculate. These damages should include your nonfinancial damages, which are intangible and thus more difficult to pin down. These damages include pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. You’ll need to contact your attorney about your claim and what non-economic damages you should include.

Talk to an Indy SUV Crash Lawyer

When you’re in an SUV, you may feel safer because of the size, but you can still be seriously injured. An accident can leave you struggling to recover, and an SUV crash is an overwhelming, painful experience. Fortunately, that where a lawyer from Kooi Law can step in.

We understand how difficult your situation is, and we’ll help you take action. You’ll need help fighting back when they don’t want to give you a fair settlement. We’ll make sure you know what to expect from your claim, from your free claim consult to your final judgement.

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