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Indianapolis 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

When a tractor trailer leaves you with serious injuries, you need an 18-wheeler accident lawyer on your side. An Indianapolis crash can be tough to recover from, so fight for the compensation you deserve.

Driving near a semi-truck is already scary enough. The wind alone can shake your car, making it more difficult to control, and the semi’s size may be intimidating. Unfortunately, your experience might have ended in a crash, one that left you seriously injured.

If you’ve been in a wreck with a commercial truck, don’t hesitate. Call an Indianapolis 18-wheeler accident lawyer from Kooi Law now. You’ll need help recovering the compensation you need, but that’s not always easy. So, make sure you’re getting the full compensation you deserve.

Who’s Liable for the Big Rig Wreck?

Unfortunately, an 18-wheeler crash isn’t as simple as a typical Indianapolis car accident. Indiana is a fault state, which means that the person who caused the accident must also pay for it. When you’re dealing with a truck driver, however, that might not be so clear-cut.

Truck drivers aren’t just driving on their own, after all. When they’re behind the wheel, they’re at work, which means they wouldn’t be on the road otherwise. When someone is at work, however, they might not be the financially responsible party.

Instead, the responsibility may lie with their employer. Because they’re liable for the actions of their employees, you would instead need to file your claim against the employer. Since this search can make dealing with your claim more difficult, you may need to reach out to an attorney for help finding the right at-fault party.

Getting Your Full Compensation after a Crash

Unfortunately, an 18-wheeler crash is going to put you in a difficult position. You’re suffering from injuries, which means more expenses and more trauma that you’ll need to recover from. These damages can take time and funds to recover from the accident.

You’ll need to cover your economic losses, first. Your economic damages are the expenses you should receive for your losses, which can include property damage, lost income, and hospital bills. Unfortunately, these damages are often high because of the severe nature of these accidents, so you’ll need to calculate them carefully.

Non-economic damages can be worse. These damages cover the mental and emotional losses you’ve suffered, and they can be especially severe. For example, a traumatic event can leave you struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental condition that can disrupt the rest of your life. The impact can be tough to calculate, though, so talk to your lawyer about your damages first.

Reach Out to an Indianapolis 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, a truck driver may leave you in a devastating situation, making it tough to recover and get the compensation you deserve. It’s difficult to recover from, and you deserve a lawyer from Kooi Law who will fight back for you.

You need a lawyer who understands how difficult it can be to recover and how the employer or insurance company may try to avoid paying for your recovery. Starting with a free consultation, however, our attorneys can help you find the right direction for your claim and fight back.

When you’re ready to begin, reach out for the help you need by calling your Indianapolis 18-wheeler accident lawyer. Reach out by calling 317-569-1335 or by filling out the online form below.

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