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Does Indiana Work Comp Cover Heart Attacks?

Heart attacks can be deadly, and they can strike at any time. You might have been at work when you began experiencing symptoms. You sought medical care immediately, but now you’re unable to work for some time. This scenario can leave you and your family without reliable income, which can put excessive stress on you when you’re trying to recover.

Does Indiana work comp cover heart attacks? Unfortunately, the answer is a little complicated. You’ll need to speak to an attorney from Kooi Law before you begin. They’ll have the experience necessary to determine whether you’re able to file for workers compensation benefits.

Illnesses Must Be Work-Related

Although your heart attack might have happened at work, that doesn’t mean your illness was caused by your job. This is an important distinction that could mean the difference between obtaining your benefits and being responsible for your medical expenses.

Let’s say you suffer from a genetic condition that means you’re more likely to suffer a heart attack. During a typical workday, you had a heart attack, leaving you unable to work for some time.

In this case, unfortunately, just because the incident happened at work doesn’t mean that you’ll be entitled to workers compensation benefits. The workers compensation board might claim that you were likely going to have a heart attack anyway, and therefore your employer isn’t liable for your medical expenses.

When You Should File

Heart attacks, however, can be caused or worsened by stress. You might already be at some risk for a heart attack, for example, but it’s not imminent. It’s been an especially stressful week at work and your boss just threatened to fire you. In the middle of extreme duress, you might suffer a heart attack.

In this case, there’s a chance that you could receive workers comp benefits because the illness was caused or worsened because of your job. You might not have suffered the heart attack if you weren’t at work and experiencing increased amounts of work-related stress and anxiety.

Exposure to dangerous substances could also cause or worsen serious problems, such as heart attacks. If you were exposed to something you otherwise wouldn’t have, then you might be eligible for workers compensation.

Talk to a Lawyer About Your Heart Attack

You’ve just suffered a serious medical event, and you’re unsure whether you’ll receive the benefits you need to recover from it. You’ll need to know one important thing after your incident: Does Indiana work comp cover heart attacks?

The answer is complex and depends on your situation. That’s why you’ll need to speak to a lawyer from Kooi Law about your heart attack claim. You’re already suffering, and now you need help getting the workers compensation you need.

Before you get started, reach out for a free consultation. Whether you’re filing your claim or need to appeal a denial, you’ll know what to expect from us and how we can help. Speak to us by calling 317-569-1335 or by completing the online form below.

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