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INDOT Testing New Cable System To Prevent Fatal Crossover Vehicle Accidents

Posted By Kooi || 1-Jan-2009

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has been testing high tension cable barriers on two stretches of Indiana interstate for about 2½ years. In late 2005, barriers were installed on Interstate 65 between Zionsville and Lebanon and on Interstate 69 between Noblesville and Anderson. In the three years prior to those installations, the INDOT reported that the same two sections of Interstate combined had 12 fatal crashes, 11 serious injury accidents, and 69 accidents involving injury.

The13-mile test section on I-65 was hit 69 times within the first eight months of its installation; however, there were no vehicles permitted to pass through the barrier and there were no serious injuries in the crashes where the barrier was struck. The cable barrier stopped also stopped at least one semi tractor-trailer.

Beyond those initial eight months, the success of the barriers have continued. Since their installation, those same stretches have had no fatal crashes, five serious accidents and only 13 accidents involving injury. INDOT reported this as an 84 percent reduction in fatalities and accidents involving injury. Most importantly, the cable barrier has provided a 100 percent stoppage of vehicles crossing the median. The success of these test sections has prompted an increase look on the part of the INDOT to place additional barriers throughout the State. Areas of increased risk and high volume accidents are set to get attention first.


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