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Many people have long-lasting careers with a single company. Residents of Indiana invest in their futures with one or two companies throughout their lives. In return for that investment, these hard-working employees count on the company to provide certain benefits and protection, such as when an injury occurs at work. 

Unfortunately, not every work injury is so easy to repair. Employers and insurance companies are eager to save money, and often, those priorities are placed above your physical, emotional and financial health. Continue reading to learn more about the basics of Indianapolis workers comp. 

Who Qualifies for Workers Compensation?

By law, the company you work for must provide workers compensation benefits on the first day you begin your job. Your position in the company or number of hours you work is irrelevant when it comes to your benefits. 

However, your employer has the right to deny workers comp benefits if you’re violating  company policy at the time of your injury. Examples of this include committing a crime or being intoxicated while working.

Common Workplace Injuries

You can sustain a number of different injuries while on the job site. Blue-collar workers are especially at risk of experiencing severe accidents while working. Dangerous machinery and tools increase their chances of injury. Injuries such as deep-cuts can cause pain and serious physical damage to your body. 

Even if you work at an office job, you never know when a sharp object may pierce your flesh and cause damage. Traumatic brain injuries are also another common in the workplace. However, these injury types tend to have severe consequences such as lost motor skills or even permanent brain damage.

The range of possible injuries in the workplace is intimidating for the average worker. Some injuries are minor inconveniences while others are major life-changing obstacles. 

The Process of Workers Compensation

To receive your workers’ compensation, you’ll have to notify your employer of your injury within thirty days of your accident happening. Afterward, your employer will contact the insurance company within seven days. The insurance company will then launch an investigation into your claim and attempt to determine if your injury claim is valid or false. 

Then the insurance company will send you a letter stating if you’ll receive compensation for your damages. Even if the insurance company denies your claim, you have the chance to fight for your compensation. 

Speak With an Indianapolis Workers Comp Lawyer

Kooi Law features attorneys who will help you obtain your compensation. Kooi Law understands how difficult juggling your career, family, and injury can be while you’re attempting to create a workers’ comp claim. Our dedicated attorneys will help you build a compelling case while answering any questions you may have about your case. 

We believe everyone has the right to legal representation. No company should take advantage of your situation and deny you your compensation. To speak with one of our Indianapolis workers comp lawyers, call us at 317-569-1335. You can also contact us on our website. 

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