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Most employees and employers involved in an Indiana Workers Compensation claim are generally concerned about the uncertainties they may face moving forward. For employers, most of the concern generally centers around the fear that their insurance premiums will increase if they have to pay on an employees work injury claim. For employees, the fears are generally centered around taking care of their families and themselves while they are unable work. There are also frequently concerns about who will cover medical bills and what the process is to make sure those medical bills are paid.

Unfortunately, fear also sets in on occasion where employers try to fight injured workers from making a claim. An employer can either provide assistance to their injured Indiana worker or be an obstacle moving forward. This is particularly important at the inception of the case when it is essential that an employee be provided all necessary information to start their claim and get their first medical care underway. The more information both the employee and employer have at the outset will make both of their jobs easier. The first thing both an employee and employer need to know is that when an injury is reported, a First Report of Injury must be filed by the employer. This is required by Indiana’s Workers’ Compensation law. For most employers, this simply means contacting their insurance company and advising them of whatever facts they know regarding the claim of injury. A first report of injury does not mean the employer is consenting to the facts reported to them or consenting the fact that the claim is commensurable under Indiana’s Work Comp laws.

If an employee has a question as to whether an injury or event should be reported to their employer or the insurance company, they should always err on the side of caution. As experienced Indiana Work Comp Lawyers, Kooi’s attorneys have seen small injuries that went unreported blow up in to substantial injuries. Failing to report the injury or claim initially will only make the task of proving that the injury is related to your job more difficult down the road. This is particularly true if the injury is of the nagging or consistent type (such as back injuries and muscle strains). Another consideration is that prior injuries can make employees more apt incur additional injuries or an exacerbation of your injury. If you have question or concerns about your work injury or Indiana Work Comp claim, please don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys for a free consultation.


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