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Noblesville Workers Comp Lawyer

Getting by after a workplace injury isn’t easy. When you need access to financial support but aren’t sure where to turn, reach out to a qualified Noblesville workers compensation attorney.

The state of Indiana requires nearly all employers to carry workers compensation coverage on their insurance policies. Those who don’t do so leave themselves open to lawsuits and penalties in the event of a workplace injury.

For Indiana workers, collecting workers comp benefits shouldn’t be difficult. Unfortunately, deserving claimants are denied every day. If this sounds like something that’s happened to you, contact a Noblesville workers comp lawyer at Kooi Law for help gaining access to the workman’s comp benefits you’re legally entitled to.

Criteria to Qualify for Workers Comp in Indiana

To qualify for workers compensation benefits, you need to be actively employed with the company in question at the time of the injury. You must also have been injured while performing the duties of your position. Suffering an injury off the clock does not warrant workers comp benefits.

Whether you’re a full-time, part-time, or seasonal employee, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits if you are injured while working for the company.

You can expect to have your claim denied, however, if you were in violation of the company’s code of conduct when you were injured, if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you were committing a crime at the time of your injury. Your workers comp lawyer in Noblesville can help you prove your eligibility for benefits.

What Your Work Comp Benefits Will Cover

Workers compensation benefits are designed to replace the income you are missing out on while you’re unable to work. In addition to replacing your income—with two-thirds of your average weekly income in most cases—workers compensation will pay for medical expenses related to your on-the-job injury or illness.

In the event that you are unable to continue working in your previous position and need to find gainful employment in another industry, your Noblesville workers comp claim may warrant coverage of vocational training and education so you are able to support yourself once you have recovered from your injury.

Additionally, if you are the spouse or dependent of someone who suffered a fatal work injury, you could be entitled to death benefits. This will help pay for funeral expenses, burial costs, and lost household income.

How to Appeal a Workman’s Comp Denial

Work comp insurance companies are notorious for issuing denials without really taking a look at the claims that come across their desks. Often, a work comp lawyer in Noblesville can get your denial reversed by simply providing additional medical documentation of your illness or injury or answering any questions from the adjuster who denied your claim.

Should negotiating with the insurance company fail, we can file an appeal with the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana.

Contact a Noblesville Workers Comp Attorney

If you have questions about obtaining workers compensation benefits, or if you recently applied for workers comp but received a denial letter, contact a highly qualified lawyer at Kooi Law today.

Your Noblesville workers comp lawyer will do what it takes to secure the benefits you are entitled to. Schedule your free case assessment by completing the quick contact form at the bottom of this page or giving our office a call at (317) 569-1335.

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