Thanksgiving Eve Busiest Travel Day of The Year

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Thanksgiving Eve Busiest Travel Day of The Year

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 27-Nov-2013

For years we have heard that Thanksgiving Eve is the busiest travel day of the year. But, is it really? While different news sources say that there are busier times throughout the year for travel, Thanksgiving Eve might still be the busiest day for travel. Sites like support that conclusion; however, in all fairness to Thanksgiving Eve, Orbitz is only measuring air travel and possibly the number of cars rented that day. They can’t really keep track of those of us traveling in our own vehicles to various parts of the Midwest.

No matter which day wins the award for busiest travel day of the year, Crossen Kooi Law wants everyone to be safe this holiday weekend. Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest night for DUI arrests so play it safe, leave early, and get to your destination before dark. If the weather is cold where you are, be sure to travel with a full tank of gas, an extra blanket, and a first aid kit. And as always, avoid distractions such as texting and talking on cell phones while driving.


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