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When you’re traveling in Indianapolis, you’ll likely encounter a number of intersections that cause countless accidents and injuries every year. Some intersections are more dangerous than others, but every intersection can pose risks when there are careless drivers on the road.

Although it’s important to drive carefully at all times, if you are going to be traveling in any of the five most dangerous intersections in Indianapolis, you should exercise extreme caution. Read on to learn more about what makes an intersection risky and which streets you’ll need to be extra careful on.

What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

Many factors can make an intersection more dangerous than others. Many intersections have multiple cross streets that go into and out of the area, for instance.

This can cause drivers to not understand who has the right-of-way in each area. Complex intersections cause even greater problems when motorists aren’t driving carefully. Speeding or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can exponentially increase the risk of a crash.

Not only are some intersections complicated to drive through, but when an intersection has visibility issues due to misplaced street signs or large barriers or overpasses, it can become dangerous or even lethal for the safest drivers.

Additionally, an intersection will often be more dangerous if the area is heavily traveled by pedestrians and bicyclists but doesn’t have appropriate crosswalks and bicycle lanes.

Indianapolis Intersections with High Injury and Death Rates

When you are driving through any of the following intersections, you are going to want to pay close attention to your surroundings to avoid a motor vehicle accident. These streets have some of the highest injury rates in Indianapolis.

21st Street and Shadeland Avenue

This intersection is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. With four lanes of traffic running in both directions on 21st and three lanes on each side of Shadeland, there are multiple opportunities for collisions.

Madison Avenue and Stop 11 Road

With grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores at corners of the intersection, the intersection of Madison Avenue and Stop 11 Road has up to four lanes of traffic, turn signs that aren’t easily read, and no crosswalks on three sides.

38th Street and Franklin Road

These cross streets are not as heavily populated as some, but they are lacking in crosswalks, which puts pedestrians at risk for serious injuries. Franklin and 38th is also an intersection where people frequently travel at a higher rate of speed because there isn’t as much traffic.

86th Street and Keystone Crossing

Keystone Crossing is home to the Fashion Mall at Keystone and is congested with multiple hotels, restaurants, and places to shop. There are many entries and exits at the shopping centers, few crosswalks and bike paths for pedestrians and cyclists, and up to five lanes of traffic going away from the mall with only two going in.

38th Street and High School Road

Another heavily populated intersection right off of I-465, 38th and High School features five lanes of traffic leading to and coming away from the interstate. The lanes are faded and right-of-ways are hard to distinguish. There are also only a couple of pedestrian crosswalks—one across High School Road and one crossing 38th Street.

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