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If you have gotten into a car accident, you are likely wondering how a car accident lawyer can help you out. There are many areas in which a car accident attorney can support you and your case. 

Gathering Evidence

A car accident lawyer will ensure that your case has all the evidence necessary to present a strong claim. Types of evidence useful for a car accident claim include: photos of damages to the vehicle, videos of the accident from CCTV cameras, eye witness statements, police reports, and doctor’s medical report. For example, a lawyer will communicate with the doctor’s office or the hospital to obtain a full report of your injuries after an accident. The lawyer will then make sure that the report clearly states a diagnosis of your injuries, including a statement from the doctor highlighting the likelihood of the accident causing your injuries. Retrieving all the needed evidence and documentation is quite a tedious task that involves communicating back-and-forth and a fine-tooth comb, and a car accident attorney would help you conduct this investigation to prove damages.

Proving Liability

Along with proving damages, you also need to prove other parties were liable for the car accident. A lawyer would help uncover which other parties are at fault for negligence. Types of driving behavior that would be considered negligent include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Ignoring traffic signs/signals

To receive compensation, you must prove that the other driver(s)’ negligence caused the accident and caused damages to your vehicle and to your health. The evidence collected as a part of the investigation would be used by a lawyer to fully evaluate who is at fault.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

One of the most important ways a car accident lawyer can provide support after an accident is through communicating with insurance companies. Insurance companies will search for any angle to try and reduce or completely deny your claim, so a lawyer would step in to not only make sure the claim is filed correctly, but also to negotiate for your compensation. Prior to accepting any offers from an insurance company, discuss the details with an attorney in full. It is likely that the first amount of compensation offered to you will be significantly less than the amount you are actually owed. 

It is normal to want to handle your car accident claim by yourself, however, consulting with an expert car accident lawyer can be beneficial for your case. Experiencing a car accident is already stressful and traumatizing enough, so let us fight for your fair compensation as you focus on rest and healing. 

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