A Big Thank You From Crossen Kooi Law

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A Big Thank You From Crossen Kooi Law

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 6-Jan-2014

We would like to take the time to thank all of the Department of Public Works employees who have been working around the clock to clear and prepare the roads during Polar Vortex 2014. Without their help, our emergency workers (ambulance, fire, and police drivers as well as all hospital employees) would not be able to complete their life-saving jobs.

Please follow the recommendations of your local police department about whether or not you are legally permitted to travel on the roadways. Unless it is an emergency, many areas have issued a “red” warning – you will be ticketed for being on the roads for any reason other than an emergency.

In addition to the road conditions, the low temperature and high winds have created extremely dangerous wind chills across the State of Indiana. As always, the elderly and children are most at risk. Check in on your elderly relatives and neighbors – they might not always ask for help. Cover your children in layers if you must go out of the house. Be aware of symptoms of frostbite.

Stay inside. Stay warm. Call us if you need us.


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