A Patient’s Rights As an Indiana Nursing Home Resident

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A Patient’s Rights As an Indiana Nursing Home Resident

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 2-Jun-2011

Deciding which Indiana Nursing Home to select is often a very difficult decision for the soon-to-be residents and their families. After a nursing home is chosen, residents should enter it armed with the knowledge to protect themselves fromNursing Home Abuse or Neglect.

A United States federal government website, www.medicare.gov, lists numerous expectations and rights for nursing home patients. Among them, a nursing home resident should expect to be treated with respect and be free from discrimination. Residents should also remember that nursing home staff cannot use physical restraints or chemical restraints as an easy or convenient form of discipline. That leads to a similar right — to not be abused, injured, or neglected. Nursing home abuse includes verbal, sexual, physical or mental mistreatment.

Unfortunately, though, nursing home abuse and neglect happen all too frequently. Reports of abuse are handled differently depending on the state where it occurs. Typically, the resident should report it to a state agency that oversees nursing homes or long term care. In Indiana, you should submit your report of abuse to the Division of Long Term Care of the Indiana State Department of Health. It is located in Indianapolis.

If you suspect that you or someone you love is suffering from Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect, you should also contact the Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers. The experienced Indianapolis Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys at Crossen Kooi are well-versed in the nursing home abuse reporting process and can offer strong advice. Contact the Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers for a FREE consultation.


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