Workers Compensation System in Illinois Near Change After Lawmakers Vote

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Workers Compensation System in Illinois Near Change After Lawmakers Vote

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 26-May-2011

Workers in Illinois who suffer an On the Job Injury might soon confront a new Workers’ Compensation system. Wednesday, an Illinois House committee voted to get rid of the state’s current Work Comp format. Instead, employees who suffer a work related injury would go to a circuit court. That’s where they would deal with their Workers’ Compensation claims.

Wednesday’s vote was surprising to some. Illinois lawmakers had been working to reform the state’s Work Comp system so completely abandoning it was a shock to many. However, media reports indicate one lawmaker who sponsored the legislation says talks between all involved in the Worker’s Compensation process are still taking place. Illinois State Representative John Bradley, D-Marion said however, in some cases, it’s easier to start fresh than trying to rehab a system.

Currently, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is involved in work comp claims. Their website explains how work comp in Illinois is a no-fault system of benefits that employers pay to employees who suffer an on the job injury. The Commission controls the Illinois court system in these instances. Here’s how it works: an arbitrator first hears a Workers’ Compensation case. A panel of three commissioners may then look over that arbitrator’s ruling.

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