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Workers Comp

Work Comp Indiana Terminology

January 10, 2018

Work Comp Indiana Terminology Posted By Crossen Kooi || 5-Feb-2014 Have you been injured at work? Are you currently being medically treated for a work injury and feel in the dark about your care and all of the confusing terms used by both the doctors and the insurance company? Below is a brief summary of the most …

Cell Phone Recorded Fatal Accident

January 10, 2018

Cell Phone Recorded Fatal Accident Posted By Crossen Kooi || 10-Feb-2014 A young woman captured a fiery crash on her cell phone in Tampa, Florida. The video shows a large SUV fly past her vehicle at a very high rate of speed. The next scene: a ball of fire erupts in the distance. The large SUV collided …

Questions About Indiana Work Comp

January 10, 2018

Questions About Indiana Work Comp Posted By Crossen Kooi || 20-Feb-2014 What is “Work Comp” and what does it cover? Medical Treatment is the primary function of WC. In Indiana, an employer has the right to direct your treatment. In other words, the employer or its insurance company will select your doctors and arrange for your medical …

Victim of A Dog Bite

January 10, 2018

Victim of A Dog Bite Posted By Crossen Kooi || 27-Feb-2014 Attorney Trevor Crossen has experience representing victims of vicious dog attacks. Take a look at how he fought for the rights of this young victim of a pit bull attack. Have you or a loved one been the victim of a dog bite? Maybe you were attacked by …

Spring Safety Tips

January 10, 2018

Spring Safety Tips Posted By Crossen Kooi || 3-Mar-2014 It is hard to believe that spring even exists in this part of the world. As one of the coldest and snowiest seasons on record comes to an end (we hope!), we wanted to offer some reminders as the spring and summer seasons approach. – Remember: Daylight Savings …

The One Ring Scam

January 10, 2018

The One Ring Scam Posted By Crossen Kooi || 11-Mar-2014 At Crossen Kooi Law, we have made it our business to keep the community safe from injury, danger, or scams. We wanted to share with you a current scam targeting cell phones across the State of Indiana. How many times have you missed a call, clicked on the number, …

Prescription Drug Epidemic

January 10, 2018

Prescription Drug Epidemic Posted By Crossen Kooi || 18-Mar-2014 In light of the recent arrest of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, we are reminded of the consequences of illegal prescription drug use and abuse. The State of Indiana is taking this problem seriously. It is the 17th highest state in the country for prescription drug overdose deaths. While …

Chicago Train Derailment Injures Thirty People

January 10, 2018

Chicago Train Derailment Injures Thirty People Posted By Crossen Kooi || 25-Mar-2014 Thirty people were injured after a CTA blue line train derailed from the tracks as it approached O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL. A spokesperson for the Union stated that it is possible that the driver of the train dozed off while driving. The accident …

Indiana Tanning Bed Laws Changing

January 10, 2018

Indiana Tanning Bed Laws Changing Posted By Crossen Kooi || 27-Mar-2014 After a snowy and cold winter, many “spring breakers” will be heading to the tanning beds before jetting off to a much warmer destination in the coming weeks. However, thanks to Governor Mike Pence, the laws have changed. No longer will a minor under 17 years old be …

Crossen Kooi Law New Office Location

January 10, 2018

Crossen Kooi Law New Office Location Posted By Crossen Kooi || 2-Apr-2014 Crossen Kooi Law has officially moved into our new home. We are still in the process of settling in but are very sure you will feel relaxed and comfortable in the new office. You can now find us about ¼ mile north of Guerin High …


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