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You can get injured at work unexpectedly regardless of whether you work in an office, on a construction site, or in the transportation sector. Your work injury may be serious and require emergency medical treatment, but plenty of work injuries also result in the gradual onset of pain. You may not realize the severity of your situation until days or weeks after your injury occurred.

With the novel coronavirus spreading throughout the nation, many workers have been laid off without warning. It’s possible that you suffered a work injury in Indianapolis and then got laid off in the COVID-19 pandemic before you had time to file a workers comp claim. Thankfully, your layoff won’t affect your workers comp benefits.

If you need help getting approved for workers comp benefits after losing your job, you can discuss your situation with an Indianapolis workers comp lawyer from Kooi Law. We can meet with you virtually during this time of uncertainty and get you the benefits you deserve.

Indiana’s Workers Comp Claim Deadlines

You have a thirty-day deadline from when your workplace injury occurred to file a workers comp claim. This deadline continues, even if you get laid off. If you don’t file within this thirty-day deadline, your claim can be denied. The filing deadline can be extended if you experience an injury or illness that doesn’t occur from one specific accident.

For example, if you develop a back injury from work or an occupational illness, the thirty-day deadline begins once you’re diagnosed with the injury or illness.

Proving That Your Injury Occurred at Work

With social distancing guidelines in place for the COVID-19 pandemic, you may hesitate to seek medical treatment for your workplace injury; however, it’s essential for you to put your health first if you hope to receive the benefits you deserve. When you’re in pain and in need of treatment, going to the doctor is the only way to get help.

Because you’re out of work and may be advised to stay at home during this time, you can call your employer and seek advice on what to do about your injury. They may ask you to go to a specific doctor for treatment, which can make the claims process easier. You must prove that your injury occurred at work to get the benefits you deserve.

Workers Comp Benefits in Indiana

The workers comp benefits you’ll receive in Indiana include full coverage of your medical expenses and temporary disability benefits to reimburse your lost wages while you recover. You’ll receive two-thirds of your weekly wages with a maximum payment of $780 per week. You can receive disability benefits until your doctor determines you’ve reached maximum medical improvement.

Contact an Indianapolis Workers Comp Attorney

Getting approved for the maximum workers comp benefits you deserve is challenging. Once you’re laid off, you may find the claims process even harder to navigate. COVID-19 has made life difficult for workers everywhere, but this disruption shouldn’t deprive you of your rights. 

If you want to speak with an Indianapolis workers comp lawyer from Kooi Law about your case, call 317-569-1335 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a virtual consultation.

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