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If you’ve been injured in an Indianapolis car accident and you know someone else is at fault, you can take legal action to obtain a settlement for your damages. Many people hesitate to file car accident claims because they don’t think they can afford a lawyer to represent their case in court. 

Even when victims believe they’ll win the money they deserve on the back end, having the money needed to hire representation on the front end is tough. Thankfully, there’s a way to get around this all-too-common issue. Many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which eases the stress of needing money up front to pay a lawyer.

If you know someone else caused your car accident, you can discuss your case with an Indianapolis car accident lawyer from Kooi Law.

Why You May Need a Car Accident Lawyer

You may need a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis if you’re injured by a negligent driver. Negligent drivers may cause accidents if they’re distracted, speeding, or driving under the influence, as a few examples. 

You may also get in a car accident if your car malfunctions on the road. In this case, you may need to sue your car manufacturer. 

You can also sue a government entity if an unaddressed roadway hazard causes your accident. 

A lawyer can help regardless of who the at-fault party is in your case.

Determining the Cost of Your Lawyer

Most lawyers have hourly rates, but it’s often difficult to determine how much your case will cost from beginning to end. On the front end, you don’t know how much time your case will take. Your lawyer will usually bill you by the hour, and although this time can add up, they’re working hard to maximize the settlement you receive. The point of hiring a lawyer is for them to win you money.

How Contingency Fees Work

Lawyers who work on contingency fees are a great choice because they don’t make money unless they win you money.

You’ll agree on a contingency fee when you hire your lawyer. You won’t pay your lawyer any money up front. Once you win your settlement, you’ll give your attorney an agreed percentage of the settlement you win. With this agreement, you may not have to worry about hours billed because the percentage is set, regardless of time spent on your case.

Contact an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney

You shouldn’t hesitate to file your lawsuit because you think you don’t have the money to do so. At Kooi Law, we work on a contingency fee basis, and we can take your case with no money being paid up front. Working on a contingency fee basis is beneficial to everyone involved. You’ll know we’re committed to maximizing your claim because doing so also benefits our payout.

Are you ready to seek justice for the injuries you’ve experienced? If so, you should speak to an Indianapolis car accident lawyer from our team. We’ll fight for you and work hard to get you the money you deserve. To schedule a free consultation with us, fill out the contact form below or call 317-569-1335.

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