Crossen Kooi Joins Indianapolis Business Community in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

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Crossen Kooi Joins Indianapolis Business Community in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 27-Oct-2014


Recently, our team at Crossen Kooi joined other businesses and organizations of all kinds in Indianapolis to help sponsor and financially support the Indianapolis Business Journal‘s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

Breast cancer is a terrible disease that affects millions of women throughout the United States, and the globe. Although the majority of people are familiar with the disease, many women unfortunately do not proactively take the initiative for early detection.

Early detection screenings for breast cancer can save lives, which is why Crossen Kooi is doing its part to bring awareness to this medical tool.

The goal of this campaign is to educate people about these important steps through public events, publications, and fundraisers. Additionally, participating businesses have initiatives that allow customers to make donations to cancer organizations with their everyday purchases. To learn more information about the campaign and events and how you can participate yourself, please visit the campaign’s website.

Some important statistics about breast cancer:

  • One of out of eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis
  • 29% of women with health insurance and half of women without insurance do not go for their annual mammogram
  • Most breast cancer cases occur with people who have no previous diagnoses in their family

We are Indianapolis personal injury attorneys who are committed to advocating for people—and it is in our DNA to serve the community. This is just one way we are proud to give back to our valued friends and neighbors and make a difference. If you can, please join us and give your time and attention to this extremely important cause.

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