Daycare on Probation

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Daycare on Probation

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 3-Feb-2014

A daycare facility in Greenwood, Indiana has been placed on probation following a crash in the facility’s parking lot. While there were concerns with the bus driver and the bus itself, those violations have proven not to be the most pressing safety issues at the center. Smiley’s Learning Center, formerly Kid Co., has been placed on a 6-month probation plan with FSSA. Following the crash in the parking lot, inspectors with FSSA discovered that employees have not been properly trained in CPR and do not have proper background tests including drug testing. While it was originally reported that the bus involved in the crash did not have insurance, Smiley’s has since provided that documentation. However, FSSA did discover that several vehicles had expired plates, expired fire extinguishers, and no blankets. In addition to safety concerns at the center, Smiley’s is facing a large property tax bill and penalties.

As parents, it is our number one priority to protect and keep our children safe. Choosing a daycare can be a very difficult task. While there is plenty of information surrounding the less than adequate choices, it might be difficult to find an appropriate center for our little ones. Click here to learn more about daycare facilities across the State of Indiana.


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