Downtown Chicago High-Rise Fire

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Downtown Chicago High-Rise Fire

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 8-May-2014

Are you and your family prepared in case of a fire in your high-rise building? While many laws have changed in Illinois regarding requirements for updated sprinkler systems, many buildings have “grandfathered” sprinkler systems from decades ago. You must do what you can to practice and prepare your family for what to do in the event of a fire.

  • Learn your building’s evacuation plan.

  • Elevators will likely be inaccessible. Where are the stairs on your floor?

  • Make sure the management office in your building is complying with all fire safety regulations and has posted evacuation plans throughout the building.

  • Do not assume someone else has called the fire department.

  • Call your doorman. They will likely have the most updated information.

  • Before leaving, feel the door. If it is warm to the touch, stay in your apartment. Use a flashlight at your window to alert the authorities to your location for rescue.

  • Be patient. It can take several hours in a high-rise building to be rescued.

  • If the door is not warm, stay low to the ground and follow the evacuation plan.

  • If you do not hear a fire alarm sounding, pull one!

  • And most importantly, once you leave the building, STAY OUT! Your life and safety are more important. Allow the trained firefighters to do their job.

A fire that started in the sub basement of the garage of a downtown Chicago high-rise was quickly extinguished in the early morning hours. However, smoke from the fire seeped into the ventilation system. Smoke was seen as high as the 21st floor.


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