Indiana Retention Pond Drowning

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Indiana Retention Pond Drowning

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 28-Apr-2014

Another person has drowned in a retention pond in Speedway, Indiana. Witnesses heard a man calling for help and alerted the police. A diver was later able to pull the man’s body from the pond. His identity and reason for being in or near the pond is still unknown.

These stories are becoming all too routine in apartment complexes and housing subdivisions across the State of Indiana. Obviously, anyone who cannot swim that is in or near these virtually unprotected retention ponds is at risk for drowning. Children are most at risk as they might not be aware of the safety issues involved and are eagerly drawn toward the water. These ponds are often in park-type, beautiful settings. While that is aesthetically appealing in a neighborhood, it tends to make the area more inviting, thus posing more risk.

These tragic and unfortunate deaths are avoidable. Education is imperative as it relates to the retention ponds. We must teach our children to stay far away. The area near or around the pond is not a place to play. If you live near a pond, put a safety alarm on your door to alert you if your child has left the home. Talk to your complex or subdivision about blocking off the area, educating the residents in the area, and posting signs about the dangers involved.

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