Elder Abuse & Neglect

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Elder Abuse & Neglect

Posted By Crossen Kooi || 20-Nov-2013

Next to infants and children in terms of vulnerability are the elderly. At Crossen Kooi Law, we take elder abuse and neglect very seriously.

Do you know what to do if you suspect an elderly person in your life is being abused? It is very important to contact theIndiana Attorney Generalif you suspect a facility is not providing proper care to the elderly. Their office has an entire team devoted to investigating elder abuse.

What constitutes abuse and neglect of the elderly? There are many different types of abuse from which the elderly can suffer. Signs of physical abuse may not always be visible. It is extremely important to play an active role in our elderly loved one’s medical care. As a result of being present, the providers will be less likely to ignore or mistreat your loved one. Some types of physical abuse include burn marks, bruising, and not reporting an injury immediately to family members.

Theft of medication and other items such as personal belongings and money is another form of abuse. Because of their compromised emotional/mental status, the elderly either feel compelled to “help” or are confused about how much they have given to a particular person or group. Be sure a trusted individual is monitoring where money is going and that all items are accounted for.

There are clear signs of neglect to be aware of as well. Have you noticed rapid weight loss or weight gain? Is there poor hygiene such as no dental care, not being bathed, and wearing the same, dirty clothes day after day? Does your loved one have pressure sores that have not healed?

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