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Employer Retaliation and Your Workers Comp Rights

If you’ve been hurt at work, talk to an Indianapolis workers comp lawyer. When you’re hurt on the job, you should be able to rest easy knowing your workers comp benefits will cover it, right? Unfortunately, your claim may not be so simple. You may have tried to get your benefits, only for your employer to make threats about your job. Now, you may be worried that you’ll be unable to get compensated without your employer retaliating.

You have the right to compensation, even if your employer is making threats. Talk to a lawyer about your options to get your benefits, even if your employer doesn’t want to pay.

What Is Employer Retaliation?

Most Indiana employers are required to carry workers comp insurance, with only a few exceptions. If you’re hurt on the job, that insurance should cover the costs of your injuries. But that may mean higher premiums and expenses for the employer, which can cut into their profits.

Unfortunately, many employers put their profits over the health and safety of their workers. If that’s the case, your employer may have indicated to you that, if you filed a workers comp claim, you may face penalties, which may include the following:

  • Reduced working hours
  • Reduced pay
  • Termination of employment
  • Termination of fringe benefits
  • Disciplinary action

If you’ve been threatened with any of these actions, or if you’ve already faced penalties like these from your employer, you may have grounds for a lawsuit

Your Grounds for Legal Action

Indiana does have laws in place to protect you and your workers compensation case when your employer plans to retaliate. Employer retaliation is illegal when it would reasonably deter a person from taking action, which means you may have grounds for a lawsuit if you suspect your employer is lashing out because of your claim.

When you work with a lawyer, you may have the tools you need to gather evidence of their wrongdoing. For example, you may have received an email from your employer that implied you would be fired if you filed a workers compensation claim. This may be used as evidence when you take them to trial.

Your workers comp lawyer can help you gather evidence that your employer broke these laws, and they can represent you in court. That makes it easier for you to focus on your injuries while also getting the compensation you’re due.

Get Your Benefits with an Indiana Work Compensation Lawyer

When you’re hurt on the job, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your workers comp benefits. Your employer is expected to cover your needs, but they may surprise you by trying to retaliate against you in your time of need.

Here’s the good news—you don’t have to accept those losses and pay out of pocket just because your employer doesn’t want to pay. You may have grounds for legal action if they refuse to compensate you.

Your lawyer at Kooi Law can help you determine what compensation you’re due and how to get your workers comp benefits. Ready to get started on your claim with a free consultation? Call 317-569-1335 or fill out the online contact form below. 

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