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Determining Fault in a Head-On Collision

When you’re hurt in a head-on collision, your injuries may be devastating. Worse, you weren’t at fault for the injuries—someone else hit you head on, and you’re certain they’re responsible for the accident. The problem is, you may be unsure how to prove they’re at fault for your injuries.

Here’s where an Indianapolis car accident lawyer can help you. Reach out for help proving someone else is responsible for your injuries, so you can get the compensation you’re due.

Who Had the Right of Way?

When you’re injured in a head-on collision, one of the most key pieces of information about your claim is who was traveling in the right direction and in the right lane.

For example, you may have been struck at a traffic light as you were both making a turn. They may have ignored the light, striking you head on because you were following traffic laws.

Otherwise, the at-fault party may have been in the wrong lane. Evidence such as photos, surveillance footage, and eyewitnesses can help you and your Indianapolis car crash lawyer determine who’s at fault and hold them accountable in court.

Distracted Driving and Other Risk Factors

But how does a major accident like a head-on collision happen? These accidents can be devastating, leaving you with head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. But what happened?

Unfortunately, distracted driving is a frequent cause of head-on collisions. A driver may be using their phone, rather than watching the road in front of them.

Drowsy driving can also cause head-on collisions. The at-fault party may have been driving too long, for example, and dozed behind the wheel, drifting into your lane and causing a serious accident.

Third-Party Causes of Head-On Collisions

But a head-on collision isn’t always solely the fault of one driver or the other. You may have been injured because a third party was careless.

Let’s say the at-fault party’s car was damaged by a deep pothole. They lost control of the car and hit you head on. The accident may not have been their fault. The fault may instead lie on the government agency who failed to repair the roads and prevent these serious, dangerous accidents.

If you believe the at-fault party wasn’t the other driver, your lawyer can help you pinpoint the cause of your accident. That can help you determine who was in charge of this element and who’s responsible for the accident.

Identify the At-Fault Party with a Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re hurt by the actions of another driver or a third party, you may need compensation that covers the costs of those losses. Your injuries can impact your life for years to come, leaving you to struggle with the costs of your head-on collision. Your lawyer at Kooi Law is here to help you determine what you’re owed and who owes you for the suffering you’ve experienced because of your accident.

If you’re still trying to determine who’s responsible for your injuries, talk to your car accident lawyer for a free consultation. We have the tools you need for your claim. All you have to do is call 317-569-1335 or fill out the following online contact form below. 

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