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How Long Can a Workers Comp Claim Stay Open?

When you’re hurt in a work accident, your workers comp claim may protect you from paying out of pocket for the accident. But your claim may not always give you the support you need. You may find yourself unsatisfied with the payments you’re receiving, or your benefits may have been cut off prematurely. 

At Kooi Law, we know how frustrating it can be when your benefits aren’t being paid. Fortunately, a workers comp lawyer near you can help determine whether your workers comp claim is still open, and how long your claim will remain open. 

Time Limits to File a Claim 

When you’re initially injured in a work accident, you only have thirty days to report your accident to your employer. From there, the insurance company will review your claim and determine whether you’re due compensation for your injuries. 

But if you don’t seek compensation right after reporting, or if you’re initially denied workers comp benefits, you only have a limited time to get your workers comp benefits. You have two years to file a claim. If you don’t act, you may be denied the benefits you need for your recovery. 

Lump-Sum Settlements 

In some cases, you may have been denied benefits at first, and you may have sought out a lump-sum payment. This means you may have gotten all your benefits at once so you didn’t have to wait for weekly payments. 

But that also bars you from future compensation. If you accept a lump-sum payment of your workers comp benefits, your claim will be closed, limiting your ability to seek additional benefits if your injury doesn’t heal as quickly as expected, for example. Because of this, you may need to speak with a lawyer about your claim and whether your claim is still open or if it can be reopened

How Can a Lawyer Help My Claim Succeed? 

Your lawyer is a key part of your claim, making it easier for you to get compensated fairly. Your lawyer can determine whether your claim is still open, and they can represent you during the claim process. 

Taking the right steps can be tough when you’re already hurt and suffering. Juggling your health and your financial recovery is a challenge. But your workers comp lawyer can take the pressure off you. 

Your lawyer can take on the process of gathering evidence, presenting your case during a hearing, and going after the benefits you’re due. They have the experience you need on your side. 

Connect with a Lawyer About Your Workers Comp Claim 

When you’re hurt in a work accident, you need to act fast to get the benefits you’re due for your work-related injuries. But how long will your workers comp claim stay open? 

The lawyers at Kooi Law are here to help you act on time to get the workers comp benefits you’re owed for your suffering. We offer free consultations so you know what to expect from your workers comp claim. Reach out by calling 317-569-1335 or by completing the online contact form below. 

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